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Workshops & Training to Develop your Psychic Skills

Anne Jirsch is a leading teacher and trainer. Here is a selection of her workshops and trainings to develop your psychic skills.

Tarot Course

Anne has a method of teaching tarot which she believes is the easiest to learn, anywhere. Her one day - LEARN TAROT IN A DAY WORKSHOP – is highly acclaimed and lots of fun. Absolutely everyone is reading the cards by the afternoon.

Or if you cannot attend a workshop then Anne's online course is designed for you. It teaches you everything you need to know to become a professional tarot consultant.

Many of Anne's students are now professional readers. Click here to find out more about the download tarot course »

Develop Instant Intuition

A wonderful workshop that incorporates many of the techniques from Anne's book, 'Instant Intuition'. Understand your dreams and omens. Learn how to tap into other people, know when something is wrong, and develop your own psychic skills. Plus using your intuition in your everyday life and so much more.

Future Life Progression

The One Day Workshop Anne is one of the world's foremost future life progressionist and a pioneer in this field. Learn how the world will be in one hundred years time; discover who and what you will be in your next incarnation and even how your life will be in ten years time.

Future Life Progression Training

Become a future life progression therapist. A four day extensive certificated course that will give you all the tools to work in this fascinating field. It is exciting, pioneering and life changing. You will help people to fulfil their potential and discover who they truly are, what they are here for and how to overcome the problems and limitations in their current lives that hold them back. By taking your clients into their future lifetimes you will be enabling them to evolve and grow. This is heart warming work. Read more on Future Life Progression.

Past Life Regression

Who were you? Where were you? And what lessons do you need still need to learn. By discovering your past lives you will learn a great deal about yourself. Read more on Past Life Regression.

Energy is Everything

Learn how to manifest using your own energy. A powerful workshop incorporating many never seen before techniques: including Anne's revolutionary Etheric Energy Technique, plus how to astral travel, use telepathy and even how to use your own aura and etheric energy to change your life and world for the better.

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