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Anne Jirsch has been reading tarot for over 30 years. Her clients include politicians, heads of industry and stars of film, sport and music.

Here are some recent comments from clients,

'You have just told me everything I needed to know about the deal I am doing. How do you do that?' SJ

'I was pretty sceptical but your reading has been so helpful that I will be back soon.' HW

One to One

Visit Anne at her cosy office by the river at Bray on Thames, Maidenhead, Berkshire.
A reading at Anne's office £75
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If you cannot get to Anne then have your session via Skype
'This felt so personal and the reading was incredibly helpful.'

One to one via Skype (30 minutes) £75 
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Anne's Highly Acclaimed Written Reading

Anne's written readings can usually be sent out to you within a couple of days. Your questions will be answered in a type written letter. This reading is very popular with clients coming back again and again.

'Anne you have never met me and by email you have perfectly described my husband and the problems we are having, thank you so much,'  FB

'I just want you to know that you have consistently read for me via email, we have never met and you are always right (always). KG

Distance reading via email £50 click here to arrange»

Future Life Progression/ Past Life Regression/Alternate Futures:

Anne is a leading world pioneer of Future Life Progression, Alternate Futures and Past Life Regression. The sessions have been described as life changing.
Here are a few comments from her clients:

'Alternate futures blew me away. I suddenly saw just how I could have the life I also wanted. It has always remained elusive to me.' LP

'Seeing myself in five years time looking so happy has taken all the pressure off me right now. I know I will have a great life.' BC

Personal session with Anne's at her offices by the river in Bray. £120
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Where ever you are in the world you can have a personal session via Skype £120
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Clear The Past

Do you ever feel that something is holding you back? Many people spend years trying to clear their past, digging around in their childhood and/or perhaps their past lives. Unless you find the original sources of an issue, the problem will keep reoccurring – not matter how many books you read or therapy sessions you have. I have developed a powerful and effective method of tracing and clearing the actual source of the block creating a rapid change in your vibration.

Session one to one at Anne's office or via Skype: £120
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Meet Your Far Distant Future Self

Could there possibly be a better guide for you than your own future self? Your far distant future self is a powerful and highly evolved being who is waiting to guide you on your current path. In this powerful session you will be taken to a special place to meet your future self. You will then be guided to blend energies to build a powerful connection.

Session one to one at Anne's office or via Skype: £120
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Create a Future Filled With Love

It seems harder today than ever before to meet your ideal partner or to have wonderful people in your life. This meditation will help you create a future filled with love, to enable you to attract your perfect partner and to be surrounded by people who love and respect you.

Session one to one at Anne's office or via Skype: £120
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Create An Abundant Future

We all need to secure our financial futures but for many people wealth is elusive. The key is to tap into a wealthy future and create that powerful vibration in your current time. Money is simply energy and once you create the wealth energy, you will take a more abundant path in life and create the means to make it happen.

Session one to one at Anne's office or via Skype: £120
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Sessions With Lucy Jirschitzka

Lucy is a highly acclaimed therapist who creates incredible change in a short space of time. Book a dynamic double session and feel the results. £95

Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, confidence building, self esteem, motivation, empowerment, Fears & phobias, clearing past trauma, weight loss and much more.

Call Lucy on 07729240030 or Email:

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